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Riders of the Storm

Abstract Ink & Acrylic Brushwork

 intangible, immaterial, spiritual, moral

No Mind Barrier

Sumi Ink Calligraphy

sutra, sign, mark, code, emblem


Sumi Ink on Washi

portrait, picture, figure

The Case of the Missing Ruby Pin

Mixed media

victorian, industrial, steam

Floating Galaxies

Mixed media

elemental, nature, life force

Water Lillies

Ink/Acrylic on Paper/Canvas

bloom, bud, flourish, develop


Mixed media & Website Design

Muskegon Museum of Art Space

Current & past shows

exhibit, view, display

Self-Portrait  _58

Artist profile

history, inspiration, journey

Sky Meadow.png

On-line Store

originals, posters, prints


Works in progress & process

intention, plan, design

Pao Shan & Sokuzan

Buddhist Temple Monastery

home, residency, zen center

Pǎo Shan (Don Woodward)

dba: Don Woodward Art

SokukoJi Buddhist Temple Monastery

33 Anderson Ct, Battle Creek, MI


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