Crashing Wave of Emotion

A second brushing with a differing conceptual premise, on Nishinouchi White Nakaban 55g Handmade Heritage Washi, 100% Japanese kozo fiber. 19" x 13"

Leaf Cloud Thought - Triptych

Falling Leaves, floating in the air Clouds Drifting Aspects of Mind (Consciousness) Hand ground Sumi ink and colored pigments on Kizuki Kozo Washi Natural Paper. Three panels - 10"x10"

Tree of Life

Hand ground Sumi Inks on Hosokawa Kozo Unbleached Washi Paper 35" x 21"

Wandering Garuda

Acrylic on Canvas. From an original illustration by Kyoun Sokuzan (reproduced by permission). 24" x 24"